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Thank you so much for today's seminar!

What a blessing it was for us!

We were so encouraged by your story and the information was really invaluable.

L.H. Workshop Attendee

Blended Family Specialists

Blended families, by nature, are born out of some sort of loss (divorce, abandonment, death, or a broken relationship).  While the parent may have worked through the issue and may be emotionally prepared to embark upon a new marriage, it is important to note that this new beginning may feel like a "gain" to the parent, but be perceived as a "loss" by the children.


A vitally important key is that conventional marriage and parenting advice is not always applicable to blended families.  Knowledge is power.   Couples who are preparing to form a blended union should seek guidance from a source that fully understands the unique needs of the blended family.  Families that are currently in a blended union can also benefit from the wisdom, experience, and compassionate care offered by the Marriage Service Technicians.


Cliff and Andrea Riley equip blended families with the tools needed to build a strong foundation through workshops, support groups, and biblical counseling. 

Keynote Speakers

The Marriage Service Technicians’ unique approach draws correlations between repairing and maintaining automobiles with reviving and up-keeping relationships.  Their insightful and engaging, style of presenting grabs your attention; while their practical and relevant message holds it.  Cliff and Andrea are knowledgeable and relatable as they share insight gained throughout more than 30 years of marriage. 


The couple has been trained as:

- Licensed Relationship Instructors
- Certified Biblical Counselors
- Certified Life Coaches
- Certified Trauma Healing Facilitators
- Licensed Ministers

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